Closing Celebration: PeoplesHub Arts and Social Justice Fellowship: June 30 @ 3:30pm PT | 5:30pm CT | 6:30pm ET

 Registration is closed for this event
Come celebrate our Artist Fellows Elena House Hay and Saleem Hue Penny as they close their time with us as our Spring Cohort of our Arts and Social Justice Fellowship.

At PeoplesHub, we center our work in the 4-Rs model for what makes healthy social justice movements, Resistance, Resilience, Restoration, and Re-imagination. It is Reimagination that led us to create the PeoplesHub Arts and Social Justice Fellowship. We believe that artists and culture bearers are integral to successful movements because they hold up a mirror to the way things are, but more importantly, help us imagine our world anew.

Join us as we celebrate our inaugural class of Artists Fellows Elena House Hay and Saleem Hue Penny as they conclude their time with us. The night will include performances and art presentations, and you will be able to hear from our artist fellows as they talk about their work and time with us at PeoplesHub.


Length, Dates and Times Offered

2 hours
Jun 30, 2022 3:30 pm PT, 5:30 pm CT, 6:30 pm ET



This workshop is ideal for:

This event is ideal for::

  • Artists and culture bearers working at the intersections of art and social justice
  • Folks interested in art that touches on the intersections of disability, solidarity economy, and incarceration.




Access requests, including interpretation and captioners, can be made during registration or by emailing Dustin Gibson at



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June 30th, 2022 from  6:30 PM to  8:30 PM